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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Great Pinterest Activity Finds!

Here is something cool I found on Pinterest from Erin Farrell Photography's Blog. I am so going to do this for Dr. Suess's birthday this year with my preschool kiddos. It would be cool for sorting colors. I have never celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday in my class before, so it should be fun. Check out the other Dr. Suess things on this blog that she made for a birthday party. Some people go ALL OUT for birthday parties. I guess I am just not that motivated because that just seems a little excessive to me, but definitely love it all and might be willing to try pieces and parts of it!

Also found this one on Pinterest from Frugal Family Fun Blog. So easy, but I never would have thought of trying this!


 I am participating in I can teach my Child's Show and Share Saturday Link-Up!

I Can Teach My Child

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  1. Oh wow thanks this is so cute. I just found that Pinterest website and I'm wating for an invite approvel It looks so neat. This looks really fun.