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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Treats

It's a little late, but here are all the goodies I made for Christmas this year. White chocolate oreo bark, raspberry almond thumbprints, decorated christmas tree and snowflake shaped spritz cookies, mint oreo truffles, reindeer chow, chocolate covered pretzels in tree and reindeer shapes, and white chocolate snowmen. You can find all these wonderful yummy treats on my "Desserts" board on Pinterest. Just follow me, Cacheymama!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

On the Go!

So, I have decided to try and do some posting on my blog again. I would like to have a post at least once a week or so. So..... I decided with my busy schedule, I needed an easier way to type on the go. I just recieved my new bluetooth keyboard in the mail and I am so excited to use it. So far, it is working great! Will hopefully have a review of it soon after I've used it a little more. And, I'll give a little warning right now, my posts may be on a lot of random topics, but since it is now Cachey Mama's WORLD OF LEARNING, I would have to say that covers a wide range of topics anyway! Happy reading friends!

Lori <3

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elephant Toothpaste

 Our school had the opportunity to invite some special visitors in to do an experiment. They are recent graduates from The Ohio State University and they are sisters. One is an engineer. They showed us how to make elephant toothpaste using dry yeast, hydrogen peroxide, water, dish soap and food coloring. The kids had a blast and wanted to see them do it over and over again. The "scientists" let the children pick out the colors for the toothpaste. I think it will be one they will remember for a while!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easy DIY Streamers

Here are some streamers I made using party ribbon and straws. I just taped them together and BOOM, a fun, active toy that kids love! Keep in mind, they don't last long as the materials are not that sturdy, but they are cheap and easy to make. Also, you could use popsicle sticks for the handles.


The kids really had a good time with these and loved waving them around as they ran around inside on a rainy day.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Over in the Meadow" Felt Board Story

We are studying the weather changes that come in the spring, including the animals coming out when it starts to get warm. So, I decided to read the book Over in the Meadow and made some felt board animals to along with it. This book is great for counting and rhyming and learning about what different animals do. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Distinguishing Between Number, Letter, and Word

This is a literacy activity we did to see if the students could distinguish a number from a letter and a letter from a word. Surprisingly, both classes did really well with it. I mostly had the older children participate. This is super easy to prepare and great for practice with beginning reading skills. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bear Story Time

The librarian came to our school for story time and focused on bears. 

She used the bear and the bee puppet for this rhyme:
Here is a Bear
Here is a bear, the bear is fuzzy; Here is a bee, the bee is buzzy.
The bee makes honey in a hollow tree.
The bear likes to eat honey you see.
Here comes the bear, Oops! There he goes.
The little bee stung the bear right on his nose.

She's reading Where's My Teddy? by Jez Alborough
This book was really cute and wonderful for predicting.

She also used laminated bear stick puppets for each child to sing the song, The Bear Went over the Mountain:
Oh, the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain.
The bear went over the mountain, to see what he could see.
And what do you think he saw? And what do you think he saw?
The other side of the mountain, the other side of the mountain.
The other side of the mountain, was all that he could see.
So, he went back over the mountain, he went back over the mountain,
He went back over the mountain, so very happily.

She also used some props to go on a bear hunt:
Going on a bear hunt, leaving right away,
Gonna find a bear if it takes all day.
1. Did we bring the map? Yes, we brought the map.
2. Did we bring the flashlight? Yes, we brought the flashlight.
3. Did we bring our lunch? Yes, we brought our lunch.
4. Did we bring the honey? Yes, we brought the honey.
5. Did we bring the camera? Yes, we brought the camera.
Ready for a bear hunt! Now, let's go!

And, we also sang the song, If you're happy and you know it doing these actions:
Clap your claws...
Stomp your paws...
Give a growl...
Do all three!

And one last rhyme:
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground.
Teddy bear, teddy bear, show your shoe. Teddy bear, teddy bear, that will do.
Teddy bear, teddy bear, climb the stairs. Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers.
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn out the light. Teddy bear, teddy bear, say goodnight.

Below are some of the books that she read and/or recommended about bears. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farm Study

These photos are from my co-workers classroom. They have been working on a farm study the last couple of weeks and she has a TON of great ideas. I will probably be using some of these ideas soon myself. Thank you to Crystal for allowing me to use your photos!