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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Reading Comprehension Card Game

This summer, I've decided to do theme days with my kids, so these posts will be more geared toward older kids (I have one entering 2nd and one entering 4th). Here are the theme days we're doing: 
  •      Maker Monday (science, art, STEM)
  •      Telling Tales Tuesday (Literacy) 
  •      World Wonders Wednesday (Social Studies) 
  •      Throwing Things Thursday (Phys Ed)
  •      Finding Facts Friday (Math) 
Yesterday, for Maker Monday, we did a Lego challenge that you can see if you check out my Facebook Page. 

Today,  I decided to play this card game I made up. We're just finished up reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, so we're going to use that book. The rules are simple. You draw a card and follow these instructions: 

Ace- Tell a main idea

King/Queen- Chose a character from the book and tell something about them

Jack- Tell about the setting

Number cards- Tell that number of supporting details (you may want to take out some of the higher numbers to keep from running out of details depending on the length of the book)

Joker- Act out a part of the story

Be sure to ask guiding questions. Was that character key in solving the problem in the story and how? How do you know that's when the story took place?  How did that detail effect the conclusion of the story?  Did that happen in the beginning, middle or end of the story? 

Have fun with it!