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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Doctor Study in Preschool

Here are some photos of the unit we are currently working on in Head Start, "What do doctors do?" We changed our block area into a doctor's office. We added doctor's dress-up coats, doctor's kits, tongue depressors, clipboards with paper and pencil, bandages made out of cut up fabric, real bandaids (I found a box of brightly colored ones at Family Dollar for a dollar), a doctor's table (our play couch turned upside down), and chiars for the waiting patients.
Oh, and don't forget our Doc McStuffins sign!
Then, we made out sensory table into the pharmacy. Here is an empty box we happened to have that was the perfect size to put medicine bottles in for pickup.
In the sensory table, I added some old medicine bottles (thoroughly washed out of course) and some other bottles of similar size, with labels covered with tape that simply say "Name," so that they can be written on with dry erase markers.
Also, I added small paper cups, medicine spoons, funnels, test tubes, magnifiers, wooden sticks, and paper bags to the "pharmacy." I put in some flour and salt for the children to mix up their own "medicine."

Here are the books and DVDs we used:

Please feel free to comment with your ideas about a doctor study.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Preschool Classroom Setup-Walls

So, it is February and I am FINALLY getting my post up from the beginning of the year about our classroom setup. These are some photos of our circle time area wall and our birthday board. I decided to make it real simple this year. We don't even have a calendar, just the interchangable day, month and weather words. Also, I love that our word wall is interactive with velcro, so the children can take the words off when they want. Also, the laminated white posterboard is being used as a dry erase board for making our webs about our topic, lists, etc. When done, I take a photo before erasing it for documentation. It is much better than having chart paper hung all over the room or finding somewhere to store it that I will remember.
Here is a close-up of the word wall.
Here is our birthday board.

Please leave comments about things that are on the walls in your classroom!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crochet Baby Blankets

I just finished up these 2 baby blankets for a family member who has a cousin with twins. I used the pattern on this blog. This is a fast and easy pattern as every other row is v-stitch. I loved the way they turned out. I hope you will try it out. I have since found other uses for the v-stitch including the chunky cowl from my last post.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chunky Cowl- Free Pattern!

Here is a pattern that I created for a cowl using a v-stitch that I liked from a baby blanket pattern. I made it for my sister (pictured) along with the wrist warmers which I don't have a pattern for. I pretty much just winged it with those using mostly double crochet stitch and one row of V-stitch so there would be an opening for the thumb hole.

I used a 9mm hook and thick yarn.

Ch. 20

Row 1: DC in 2nd st from hook and each st to end. Turn, ch 2. (19 sts)

Row 2: sk 1st st, dc in next, sk 1, *V-stitch (DC, ch 1, DC in same st), sk 2. Repeat from *. After last V-stitch, sk 1, DC, then another DC in ch 2 from previous row. (5 V-sts)

Repeat Row 1-2 until you reach desired length ending with row 1. Finish off and weave in ends.
Add 2 large wood buttons on one end.

The only advice I have is to make sure your buttons are big enough because they will be going through the V-stitch holes. You want to make sure they're not going to slip out easily like mine do. My sister is currently looking for some larger buttons to replace the ones I used. LOL
Please comment any questions you have because this is the first pattern I have ever written myself, so I want to make sure it can be understood. Thanks for your help!