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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nutrition Ideas

I'm not dead! Just thought I should start with that since I've been MIA for so long. Here are a few things we've been doing in our class focusing on our topic Food and Nutrition.
Found these pizza slice boxes in the back of a cabinet and decided to use them to make pizza. We added a little red paint to some glue to make the sauce, sprinkled on the cheese (shredded paper) and glued on pepperoni. Easy and fun!

Here is a great chart that my center purchased. It came with all the food cards sort. We put up pictures of the ones we ate for breakfast and lunch in this photo.

2 different graphs we made this week- favorite fruit and favorite vegetable. I liked doing the horizontal and vertical graph so that the children can see just a couple types of the many graphs there are. They get the opportunity to count, compare, and talk about more than and less than. Plus it is about them, so they had a good time. They were really anxious to see which fruit/veggie "won."