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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Tissue Paper Containers

tissue paper, glue, crafts
I have a bunch of these little baby food jars covered in tissue paper around the house that the big kids have made over the years at school. They usually come home with a little tea light candle in them and they usually get made around Christmas time and Mother's Day.
I thought Sammie would enjoy making some of these type of jars, but I don't have any baby food jars here anymore. I'm not sure why I didn't save them from when Austin ate baby food. So we went through our recycling bin and box of recycling items that I have saved to look for suitable containers. We found an empty mayo container and an  icing container and decided to use those We got out the tissue paper squares that we have left over from our tissue paper and glue pictures and our stained glass Canadian flags. Maddie put some white glue in a couple of little dishes and watered it down with a little water. The glue was just watered down enough that it could be painted with.  And since the weather was so beautiful, we took our supplies and did our craft outside :)
I showed Sammie how to paint some glue onto her container and then stick the tissue paper squares to the glue.
She covered her container with the tissue paper and then painted another layer of glue over top of the tissue paper to make sure the tissue paper was completely wet with glue.
Once they were all covered, we set them upside down to dry.
While their first containers were drying, they decided to do a couple more containers. This time they choose some of craft supply containers to decorate. Maddie even covered the lid of her container, making an almost sun shaped design.
All four of their containers. :) The big ones will be used as they originally were, to hold craft supplies, and the little ones will probably be used for pencil holders or maybe flower vases. :)
The girls had fun decorating their containers, although Sammie was getting a little frustrated that she kept getting glue on her fingers. I think I will have to see if I can find either some baby food jars or some other glass jars to make the candle holders like they do at school. They look so prety with the candle lighting them up from the inside :)