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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bowling for Tots

We decided to take the little squirt bowling today. So, in preparation, I made him his own bowling set using circles drawn on paper, water bottles for pins and some tape to make the lane.

L really loved setting up the pins.

He didn't feel like rolling the ball down the lane though, he stood next to them and threw the ball at them. Thank goodness it wasn't a bowling ball!

Here he is pushing the reset buttons. He loved watching people bowl and watching the balls come out of the return.

L watching his ball roll slowly toward the pins.

We used bumpers for him and sat the ball on the floor and had him push it. Eventually he understood that he was supposed to push the ball toward the pins. He was good about not running down the lane. Though the ball rolled slowly, he thought it was great fun watching it hit the pins.