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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Helping Children Understand 9/11

10 years after the terrorist attacks on September 11 and it is still fresh in a lot of our minds. But for the children we teach, they were not even alive when it happened. So how do we go about answering their questions when they hear about it on the news, parents and maybe even other kids talking about it? "We will never forget" has been the popular slogan referring to 9/11. So what will you choose to do? Will you forget or will you honor those that lost their lives by passing the message on to generations to come so that we will always remember? Here are some ideas of ways to talk to your children about 9/11:

Tips on talking to your children about 9/11 from the site where you can reserve a visit to the memorial.

This is a list of books for teaching about Patriot Day (9/11)

Here is a video with children reading a book about 9/11 aloud: