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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Potato Printing and String Painting

Potato Printing 
I'm sure you've heard of this and probably have done it as a kid. I decided to try it out with Snugglepuppy. He thought it was pretty great. Here are some pics of what we did. I cut the potato in half and carved some lines and dots into the cut surface. Then used them as stampers to print on the paper.

I decided to try mixing some colors with a toothpick, so of course Snugglepuppy wanted one too.

The we decided since we already had a mess, we would try some string painting. 

String Painting
We each got a medium length piece of yarn and dipped it in the paint. Then, we pulled it across the paper to make lines and patterns. Snugglepuppy decided he wanted to form his string into letters. You can see his P below.

What are some other types of painting you have tried with your little ones? I am thinking about trying some edible paint with baby Ladybug.