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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Springtime in Preschool

We are studying Spring in our class this month. Here are some photos of how we arranged the dramatic play area into a Spring area.

Frogs on lily pads with cattails.

Logs made from rolled up brown construction paper and little plastic butterflies, lily pads and frogs.

Light table against the wall with bean bags around it to sit on.

This interactive wall has foam cutouts of fish, ducks, and frogs that are stuck on with velcro so kids can take them down and put them up how they want. There are also words stuck on with velcro to match with the animals. Our table is decorated with flowers and a watering can and there are dishes and food available for kids to have a picnic if they want.

We also planted flowers in cutoff water bottles. Here are a couple of pictures.

Happy Spring and hope you enjoy some fun activities with your kiddos!

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