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Friday, March 22, 2013

Exercise Cube

What you need:
Scissors, glue stick, a cardboard box in the shape of a cube (taped ends) or you can also use an empty cube-shaped tissue box. 

Pictures of different movement activities or exercises.
Optional: Beads or beans to put inside to make it rattle when you roll it.

 The finished product:

Children will roll the cube like a die and do whatever activity it lands on. There are other ways to use the cube. Be creative. You can make a second cube with numbers and then roll both the dice. The children will do the activity they rolled the amount of times that comes up on the number cube.

Leave a comment if you come up with some additional ways to play with this!

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  1. Thanks for all the inspirations for me as a teacher. It reaches all the way to sweden:) And congrats to your baby girl! I have recently started a blog myself. About creativity in preschool. Please have a look:)


  2. I've done cube with emotions so you can use it when you want children to show their mood. The other way is to roll the cube and to show the same countenance which is on the cube. Children from my kinder garden love it :). Thanks for your idea :)