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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: Mama of Many Blessings

Nicole is my guest blogger for this week's edition of Wishlist Wednesday. There are tons of wonderful resources on her blog, so be sure to stop on over there and leave a comment or 2!

Hello everyone. I am Nicole from Mama Of Many Blessings, I was so very honored when Lori asked me to be Wishlist Wednesday guest blogger! Her Wishlist Wednesday series is a  wonderful series, I have enjoyed reading!

First and foremost I am a daughter of Christ, second I am a wife to an amazing husband of 13 years, and I am also a mama to 6 blessings, Serena(13), Dustin(12), Cody(10), Anthony(8), Ethan(4), and Gabriel (2). I blog over at Mama Of Many Blessings, sharing about our homeschool journey, arts, crafts, recipes, hands on learning, and of course our life with 6 kids (3 special needs) which can get quite interesting and yes, crazy sometimes. I started blogging as a way to connect with other homeschool moms, and as a hope that someday my kiddos will be able to have the blog to look back on all the fun homeschool experiences we have enjoyed during our homeschooling journey.

I had a hard time trying to think of 1 thing at the top of our classroom wish list, but I finally was able to come up with something that would be a huge help to our classroom along with our house, something I have wanted for a while now. An indoor sensory gym. First off we are a family who is not into much television, as the matter of fact we don't even have cable, we do have Netflix, but the kids are VERY limited on what they are allowed to watch, so keeping active and having other options for the kids is something that is pretty high on our list. Although having 5 boys is enough in itself to need somewhere for them to get their energy out on rainy days or during the winter when it's to cold to stay out for long, but having 3 boys with sensory issues just makes the need even greater.

The sensory gym is a kit you buy and put together yourself, my husband is good at that stuff, so he would be the lucky person to have to put it together for me. When you add in the gym, wood, ladder/monkey bars, a rope ladder, and a safe floor under the gym comes with a price tag around $500. Of course if you had to pay someone to put it together it would cost more.

So there you have it our #1 wish for our classroom/home what child wouldn't love something like that in their house/school. I can't wait for the day my wish becomes a reality! Thanks for taking the time to hear our Wish. Please take some time to stop by and see all the fun we are up to at Mama Of Many Blessings!