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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday:For Love of Cupcakes

I would like to thank Jamie at For Love of Cupcakes for her guest post this week! Check out her blog and follow her. I guarantee you'll love it. I am totally addicted to her tweets as well, so you might wanna follow her on there too! Oh, I might have a special place in my heart for her because her baby, Cupcakes :) was born the same day as my baby boy! Enjoy!!!

HEY Cachey Mama's Readers!

I'm Jamie and I USED to be a preschool teacher. I was also a kindergarten teacher. Both at a Catholic school that had to close due to financial reasons. :( It was the best job ever though. At that school, we didn't have a whole lot of resources as it was in a very poor area. But before I worked at that school, I student-taught at a public grade school in a more affluent area, which did have a lot of resources and they had some awesome stuff!

Last week, Cachey Mama mentioned a cricuit machine to do dicuts. That would be number one on my list too! That little gadget is awesome - great for decorations, projects, fun; it's just awesome. So, the next thing on my wish list would be...

a Book Binding Machine:
It adds a spiral binding like this:
If you have this amazing tool, you can have all your students illustrate / write a page and bind them together to make class books.  Or individual students can make their own books.  The possibilities are actually endless.  Here's an example:

See, isn't that the cutest?!  These are AWESOME for parent-teacher conferences!  You set up a desk and a chair outside your classroom, put out some candy/breath mints and a few class books for your parents to scope out as they wait.

I didn't have one of these fancy machines at the Catholic school where I worked so I simply 3 hole punched all the pages and used yarn through the holes to bind the books together.  My principal loved it when I put these books out for parent-teacher conferences and so did my parents.  :o)  Win Win Win!

I hope you liked this post.  Thank you Cachey Mama for letting me do a guest post on your blog!!  :o)  If you want to follow me, I would LOVE to have you!  My blog is For Love of Cupcakes and I'm also a Twitter Fiend!  @4LoveofCupcakes.

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