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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storytime Sunday (A Day Early)

Tomorrow is the big giveaway announcement, so I decided to go ahead and release Storytime Sunday today even though it's Saturday.

So today I will talk about the Crayola board book Two Hippos up on Sticks. This was a fantastic Target find in the dollar section. But I guess I didn't really realize how great of a find until I searched it and found a copy selling on Amazon for $4.99+$4.99 shipping! Wow!!!
Anyways, this simple counting book is great for very young children (I actually bought it and 3 other Crayola books for the baby). It has the best pictures with all different patterns, cute animals doing silly things, rhyming words, and of course counting. I also like that some of the animals are doing things that they would realistically do like butterflies welcoming spring and ants moving a load (which can tie in with life science concepts) and some of the animals are doing unrealistic things like dinos soaring in space and hippos up on sticks. So you can use it to talk about real vs. fantasy concept as well. I love this book!
Happy Reading!