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Friday, September 13, 2013

Classroom Organization

So, here are some before and after pictures of my classroom.


Circle time and library area with the computer just off to the left so we can show videos at circle time.

The Childrens' Hatch Computer

Our word wall with no words added yet. I love that it takes up much less room than the one we had last year.
These letters were printed from the TpT Store of Love of Teaching.

Writing Area

Sensory Table

Block Area

Dramatic Play Area

Toys and Games

Discovery Area

Art Area
A lot of the room stayed the same, but we just flip-flopped the blocks with toys and games and the circle time with dramatic play.  I love the new setup because it's much easier to show the whole class a video on the internet now and the room just feels more organized. I also love our discovery table. So far, the kids have mostly been flocking to the dramatic play area, although when we get out specific table toys, they tend to like those as well. We'll see how it goes and if we need to make any changes. I also tried to de-clutter as much as possible. Sometimes I feel like that is a losing battle with 2 classes of 17 coming through there each day and 2-3 other adults sometimes using the space as well, but you will never get there if you don't start out that way.

What did you do differently in your classroom setup this year?