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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ohio's Amish Country Guide

Well this week I went with the fam to Ohio's Amish Country. If you know me, you know I love cheese! So, I fit right in with the Amish (other than their lack of technology use, lol.) Anyways, I thought what better way to describe the places we went than by making a link list. So here it goes!

Chalet in the Valley
This is an AWESOME restaurant that serves Swiss and Austrian cuisine (Although, I would categorize it as German food, LOL). Things such as schnitzel and sauerkraut with sausage are on the menu here. They also have a buffet, but I believe it is only on Sundays. We did not go here this trip, but last time, we sampled their Polka Punch, very tasty! And now they have chocolate fondue which I have yet to try, but assume that it's amazing.

The Farmstead Restaurant
Here is where we ate this time for my mom's birthday. They have an excellent buffet every day of the week, not just weekends. Also, they have a little bakery where I found some cheese bread for the best price.

Not sure which cheese to choose? Stop by Heini's. They have tons of samples of cheese and their cream cheese fudge. Dee-lish!!!

Kauffman's Country Bakery
This place has lots of samples of their breads and pastries. They have some unusual items as well such as purple grain bread. They also have cookies, candy, and cheese. Located right across the street from Heini's Cheese Chalet.

Walnut Creek Cheese
Everything you could possibly want AND the cheese, this place includes a grocery store and kitchenware section as well as a clearance loft. Oh, and don't forget the the little cafe and ice cream shop.

The cutest little cheese factory ever!

Lots of homemade crafts, foods, furniture, and much more.

Ashery Country Store
So far, THE lowest prices on bulk foods I have come across in Amish Country, it's a little out of the way, buy definitely worth it!

Walnut Creek Antique Mall (no website)

4872 Mckinley Place Dr.
Walnut Creek, OH 44687

I got a great coffee table there for $12 that I sanded and finished for about the same price!

Troyer's Country Market
In addition to their signature trail bologna, Troyer's has lots of other food and snacks including some great produce from their local farm. They always have many samples as well.

Here is an interesting little fact I have recently learned: 
Troyer's Trail Bolonga is actually made in a little town not far from Berlin, in between Walnut Creek & Winesburg on SR 557 in a little town named Trail Ohio where the same family has been making it since 1912... Troyer's Country Store is a fabulous store but they don't make Troyer's Trail Bolonga. 

Lots and lots of great antiques here, as well a cute little diner.

Share and Care Thrift Store
I also cannot find a website for this thrift store, but they have LOW LOW prices on everything. One time we were there, everything was 50% off! It's not a big place, but they have toys, kids and adult clothing, and housewares items as well as some tools and hardware. Also a little bit of furniture.
4663 US 62
BerlinOH 44610
(330) 893-3890

For many, many more places to check out in Ohio's Amish Country, visit Holmes County's Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau's website.